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Parent Directory - Wednesday of Lent 5.mp3 21-Mar-2018 18:08 10M Wednesday of Lent 4.mp3 14-Mar-2018 18:12 12M Wednesday of Lent 3.mp3 07-Mar-2018 18:08 13M Wednesday of Lent 2.mp3 28-Feb-2018 18:13 11M Wednesday of Lent 1.mp3 22-Feb-2018 04:28 11M Wednesday of Advent ..> 20-Dec-2017 17:21 7.0M Wednesday of Advent ..> 13-Dec-2017 18:08 11M Wednesday of Advent ..> 06-Dec-2017 18:15 10M Wayne Kupke Funeral.mp3 28-Mar-2018 10:46 14M Trinity.mp3 27-May-2018 10:57 14M Transfiguration of O..> 11-Feb-2018 10:15 13M The Nativity of Our ..> 24-Dec-2017 10:33 41M The Baptism of Our L..> 07-Jan-2018 10:10 16M Sunday of the Passio..> 25-Mar-2018 11:49 50M Sandra L. Ross Funer..> 21-Jun-2018 13:47 12M Resurrection of Our ..> 01-Apr-2018 10:51 18M Pentecost.mp3 20-May-2018 10:21 18M Pentecost 8.mp3 15-Jul-2018 10:37 15M Pentecost 7.mp3 08-Jul-2018 10:36 15M Pentecost 6.mp3 01-Jul-2018 10:31 16M Pentecost 4 Father.mp3 17-Jun-2018 12:08 25M Pentecost 3.mp3 10-Jun-2018 10:35 26M Maundy Thursday.mp3 29-Mar-2018 18:18 13M Lloyd Vogler Funeral..> 12-Feb-2018 09:37 11M Lent 5.mp3 18-Mar-2018 11:13 45M Lent 4.mp3 11-Mar-2018 10:25 30M Lent 3.mp3 04-Mar-2018 10:23 23M Lent 2.mp3 25-Feb-2018 12:36 21M Lent 1.mp3 18-Feb-2018 10:22 21M Kim Jones Funeral.mp3 05-Dec-2017 09:50 14M Installation of Rev...> 14-Jan-2018 19:35 19M Good Friday.mp3 30-Mar-2018 18:24 9.1M First Sunday after C..> 31-Dec-2017 10:01 16M Epiphany 5 .mp3 04-Feb-2018 11:30 11M Epiphany 4 Baptism o..> 28-Jan-2018 10:21 10M Epiphany 3.mp3 21-Jan-2018 10:06 15M Ephiphany 3.docx 21-Jan-2018 10:02 160K Easter 7.mp3 13-May-2018 10:06 18M Easter 6.mp3 06-May-2018 10:14 14M Easter 5.mp3 29-Apr-2018 12:47 18M Easter 4.mp3 22-Apr-2018 13:35 14M Easter 3.mp3 15-Apr-2018 10:04 14M Easter 2.mp3 08-Apr-2018 10:28 22M Christmas Eve Childr..> 24-Dec-2017 17:20 4.8M Christmas Day.mp3 25-Dec-2017 09:40 11M Baptism of Porter Lo..> 14-Jan-2018 10:19 16M Ash Wednesday.mp3 14-Feb-2018 18:29 8.8M Advent 3.mp3 17-Dec-2017 10:17 15M Advent 2.mp3 10-Dec-2017 10:05 17M Advent 1.mp3 03-Dec-2017 11:04 9.1M